Friday, June 6, 2014

Look How Far I've Come

I am:

The new kid in class
The shy, quiet girl
The last one chosen
The child of divorce
The self-conscious, low self-esteem teenager
The insecure, the unsure
The unaware and naïve
The new bride laying aside any dreams of her own, wanting to please.
No opinion of her own, waiting to hear then follow
The young mother - not ready
The stay at home mom
The taxi driver to practices and games
The fan, so proud
The woman alone, a trucker’s wife
The embarrassed
The lonely
The afraid
The farmer’s wife
The grandmother. Oh, my precious ones!
The depressed, burdened, broken
The new face, alone in the crowd
The crying one, trying to find Him
The seeker, looking to survive and serve
The healing one, learning to live again.
New friends, encouraging
The brave one, trying new things
Stretching, sharing, speaking
Learning to be the leader
The sick one, fighting to be strong, not wanting to be a burden
The follower of Jesus
The over-comer through the Holy Spirit
The worshiper, full of praise and gratitude
The waiting one, waiting for the Lord’s return.

Look how far I’ve come.


Lori said...

Love the transparency, look go far you've come!!

Karen Guthrie said...

Thank you Lori. The Lord has used you as an encourager in this stage of my journey. Thank you.